About Me

Hi, welcome to Lense & Mane!

Let me introduce myself: I am Layla, twenty years old and a uni student in a ‘useless’ but really fun major.

I love taking cheesy pictures and will continue to love Harry Potter until I draw my last breath. Tea is my hobby as well as fuzzy socks, cocoa, and series (some of them respectable, others not so much). I am trying to learn Italian, Swedish, and autonomy and often take adventurous trips, which never leave me fully satisfied.

I am a workaholic, untalented dancer, dual citizen, wanderer, overachiever, passionate list lover, drama kid, former exchange student, and Christian.

It’s so great that you are here! I definitely need help!

What to find here:

This blog is my creative outlet for my photography and thoughts as I embark into intimidating adult life. Here you will find my Adulting 101 series, my 52 Snaps project, my monthly 17 Memories, travel posts, and photography.

PS: In case you are wondering: In photography, a lens is needed, which I misspelled, plus my hair is a crazy mane — that’s what the name refers to. (I know you were wondering. Don’t deny it.)

PPS: You can reach me via e-mail at: lense.and.mane@gmail.com