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‘Standard Yolo Quotation’

Hello world,

I graduated! Hooray!
DSC06941DSC06785I decided to celebrate that happy event with some colorful photos from Lisbon. Also, I’ve now officially handed in all my applications for university. So far, I don’t know what I will be doing three months from now, but now there is no more I can do about it, which strangely calms me a lot.

It’s crazy to think that the moments I’ve been looking forward to so much this past semester are now all fast approaching. Some have arrived already: I graduated, I achieved a spot in the top ten percentile of the class of 2016, I turned all my documents, I get to sleep in and enjoy the summer (cold and wet as it is) – I am presently living the future I longed to have.
DSC06692DSC06685When I scrolled through my blog a couple of days ago I noticed that far too often my posts revolve around a specific event I look forward to, when in fact I should be enjoying the present I had looked forward to before.

I don’t want to rattle off quotes we’ve all heard far too often, but I just wanted to say that life is really good right now. Exciting things have happened, are going to happen, but most importantly are happening right now.


Thanks for reading.

Rebooking Our Trip

Hello world,

My best friend and I took a trip to Lisbon this spring.
DSC06894DSC06934Nicole and I had been planning to do a trip together since last fall. I came up with the idea of… Greece. Greece: blue sea, white cots, Mediterranean food, we decided on it pretty quickly.

Then Greece shut down its borders in March. The refugee question was on everyone’s lips, and everyday we were faced with horrible images of drowned children. So, we cancelled our trip to Greece.
DSC06855 DSC06613Thus, we went to Lisbon. It was great. I do not want to get political, but refugees have shaped Europe so much already this year. Refugees are here, most of them cannot go back, and we need to tackle that ‘problem.’ We must not run from it.

I don’t have a solution; all I do is donate. I know, It’s also already been talked about a lot, I know. It’s still prevailing, though: a couple of days ago the UK decided to leave the EU, partially due to refugees they don’t want to host. It is neither the economically nor the morally right path to take, and it does not reflect the Europe I want to be part of.
DSC07063The only discomfort I’ve had to do endure so far, has been rebooking my spring trip. What a bagatelle compared to the ordeal people coming from all kind of pain have had to endure already.

There has been so much suffering already in 2016, whether it concerned refugees, the LGBTQ+ community, or innocent travellers at airports: Let’s not be overcome by fear and prejudice. Let’s not project one person’s actions onto a whole community. Let’s be tolerant and open-minded.


Thanks for reading.


Beautiful Stanserhorn

Hello world,

It’s been a couple of months. It’s June now.
DSC07465 DSC07523Last week I spent the first summer evening of the year on the Stanserhorn, a mountain near Lucerne. It was gorgeous.

A week from today I am graduating. Things are a-changing in my life and sometimes I wish I could just stay on a mountain forever, eating cheese, and admiring cows and sunsets.
DSC07543DSC07496Then again, there are so many picturesque mountains yet to explore.



A Surge of Creativity

Hello world,

I am seizing my fleeting surge of creativity in a swamp of impotence.
DSC06194DSC06163I have had quite a busy time. While I regret not having it documented well, I did enjoy taking a break from photography, blogging, and writing. Time has truly flown by and now I only have a couple of months left until I am graduating and embarking into the big, wide world trying to make important life decisions.

Let’s try to recap what I’ve up to since the last post on this blog:
DSC061391 I absolutely slayed my matura paper presentation. All the points. All the glory.

2 I applied for Swiss citizenship, which is very tedious, complicated, and expensive, but which will be worth the vote I am going to get.

3 I attended open house at Heidelberg University and realized that I really want to do something with English.

4 I saw Imagine Dragons live. That was pretty epic, although I was quite sick and was barely able to stand through it.
DSC061195 I passed my Cambridge Proficiency Exam. Now I am officially fluent on the highest English language level.

6 I spent the night of New Year’s Eve bleeding and bleeding, because I cut my foot on some glass. That was great. Not. Scarred for life.

7 I had some grad pictures taken by an American photography living in Zurich as part of her 30 Days of Beauty. Check them out here.
DSC062398 I had my wisdom teeth taken out, which was a pretty horrible experience. Thankfully it is now done with and I can have beautiful teeth as of Junish, by which, my orthodontist promised me, my braces will be gone.

9 I participated in an ambitious play and got the lead for the first time in my life. Yesterday we were sold out and a third of us had come down with the flu, which meant a lot of drugged actors collapsing backstage after pretending to be alive and kicking on stage.

10 I said hello and goodbye to many of my friends, who returned and departed with the change of semester.

11 I’ve been doing a lot of travel planning for 2016. It is going to be a great year. It already has been.
DSC06195I have been up to quite a lot of adventurous things, but I am excited to restart taking more pictures and documenting my thoughts. These photos were taken during a trip to the Oeschinensee Adina and I took this past Sunday. Looking through them I can still feel the warm sun and the incredible width; the main reason I’ve found the burst of energy to edit and post them: I want to reflect back on them and remember the great time we had.

Because there is quite the great time happening and ahead.


Thanks for reading.