We’ll Be Counting Stars

Hello world,

I tried some more star photography. And I am exhausted.
DSC08045DSC08066I did it again: I went out and about, and I took pictures of the sky. Last time I tried was a couple weeks ago and I was not happy with the result back then. I still am not perfectly happy but it’s getting better. My suspicion is that my camera is not able to completely capture stars because I always get slurs even though I have a tripod, the wind is not too bad, and I don’t expose for too long.

Oh well.
DSC08048We have opening night of our play four days from today. It’s been an extremely busy week but I promise to post pictures as soon as I get some. Right now I just need sleep to prepare for the big night. And sleep in general. I’ve working more this last week to compensate for the two show weekends ahead. I am exhausted but it’s a good exhaustion: I achieved stuff this week. I did stuff.
And that feels good.


Thanks for reading.


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