Hello world,

I’ve been accepted into university. The one I really wanted to get into. Finally.
DSC09197Lately I haven’t been sleeping all too well. For the most part it is due to my ever-sick roommate (it’s not her fault, but I am really bad at sharing rooms, especially if the other person is constantly coughing – sorry) and the Canadian Pacific Railway. Those mega long trains are obliged to clatter along the national parks slowly so they don’t kill all the wildlife. They pass us every other hour or so and make earplugs luxury goods.

But, the other reason I haven’t been on top of my sleeping game is university. It’s been real, y’all. It’s been a struggle. Especially because I am 7.836 km away from home.DSC09266Basically, my application was handed in correctly, but the university got everything messed up, which is why I was unfairly rejected, subsequently all hell broke loose until I was finally accepted and sucked up to. Yup. German universities on point.

It’s difficult to be faced with problems back home, when you are just trying to enjoy your time abroad. For three weeks straight I frantically checked my mails first thing in the morning only to be disappointed. I texted with my mom everyday weighing our options. The whole process was super slow, among other reasons because at 8am in Canada it’s already 4pm in Germany, thus I had no way to get back to people within the same day. I felt useless and at the same time my parents couldn’t do much either without my signature.
DSC09225Combined with the cold weather we’ve had lately, I must admit there were times I wished to be back home lying in the backyard getting tan and sorting out the shitty situation first hand.

And that sucks. I will get home soon enough; I’d rather make the most of my time here.
DSC09282DSC09289But I got accepted on September 1, and while some may think that after all that hassle I don’t want to go to that particular university anymore, the opposite is the case: I am so pumped to attend university this fall. I am excited and cannot wait to compile my schedule, move into my dorm, attend all the Freshmen activities, do more of what I truly enjoy, and make new friends on the way. I’ve heard a lot about university all of my life and while I seemed to like school more than many of my friends, this next chapter – uni – seems like my place, my hood.

I hope I won’t be really disappointed, but come on: I saw three rainbows ever since my acceptance e-mail. That must be a good sign, right?
DSC09327DSC09326There is only one week in Canada left. It’s been good. It’s been pretty.

Today we took a spontaneous trip to Banff to go canoeing. Lake Louise is bursting at the seams this weekend because of Labor Day tomorrow, so it was nice to get out. While canoeing we saw this elk, stopped, and approached it carefully until about a 20 m distance. To get that close to wildlife was very humbling. We didn’t pose any threat to the elk, so all we did was look into each others’ eyes. Then we slowly backed up and continued to canoe on turquoise water. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had these past three weeks (which is saying a lot)

Time flies.


PS: Whoever is wondering: I got accepted into B.A. in American Studies (BAS) at Heidelberg University.

Thanks for reading.

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