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let’s talk about what comes after high school. I haven’t heard about that enough.
DSC02670 DSC02658So, I went to a city last week which I had been considering as a place to attend university at. I checked it out for a day, spoke to the counselor of my desired major and at the end of the day posted a picture of it with the caption #universitygoals.
DSC02711 DSC02693I think choosing a job and major is the hardest decision I will have to make in the first 20 years of my life. I’ve been dreading it and trying to prepare for it for years, if not my whole life, but the closer it gets the less sure I am of what I want to do.

I wrote a post on my dream job in October of last year. I had no clue what to do back then. Ten months later I have more ideas of what I do not want to do and some major picked out which might be pretty cool. However, we are ten months closer to the point where I will have make a decision.
DSC02689 DSC02679I am a very indecisive but well organized person. I love making plans, organizing trips and realizing dreams, but I am very bad at making decision which is why I hate going to the hairdressers: she will ask me whether I want the highlight on this side or over there, and I simply cannot decide. 

The student counselor I had a conversation with saluted me for being so early: in Germany you don’t apply for university until early July, and you don’t know whether you are accepted until late August — it sucks. She told me I was wise to confront this decision a year before.

Well, I’ve been seriously confronting this decision since I was thirteen.
DSC02645 DSC02641I am getting closer to the time a year from now when I will have applied to many different majors in different cities — I think. I will not know yet where I’m accepted and whether I can do the majors I’d really want to do for kicks or the compromises which I still have to find. I won’t know whether I should start looking for a place to stay in the beautiful city that is Heidelberg or not.

It’s T-11 months, I’m terrified of decisions and answers.
DSC02720 DSC02733This past week I went to Heidelberg, a city located in Southern Germany which has turned into my dream city for studying. It is far enough away but not too far. It is not tiny, but it is not huge either. It is my kind of city.

I don’t know whether I am going to go to Heidelberg, but I want to hereby state I would love to. I will work hard for it. Let’s see if that is enough. Either way, I will do things. I will try things. I might discover those things suck and move on to other stuff. I am excited for all the things and the stuff I am going to do.


Thanks for reading.

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