Tolstoy’s Spring

Hello world,

today I am here to bring you some more spring and sunshine. Don’t expect to see anything else on here until I can bring you some summer.
DSC08251 DSC08269Another week is over and another month has begun. There are some important events coming up: I am getting braces in two weeks – yay, my enthusiasm is drilling its way through the ground to China – , and in four weeks I am leaving for Namibia. The new semester has been going on for quite some time, but this second one is nothing compared to the first one, instead we are constantly happy because spring is slowly returning to Switzerland.

I am also continuously working on my matura paper. I have so far read God and Harry Potter at Yale by Daniella Tumminio who teaches a theological class on Harry Potter at Yale University. I am currently reading Politics in Harry Potter by Bethany Barratt who is a professor of Political Sciences at Roosevelt University and has also published several books on human rights and the war in Iraq. “Such people write books about Harry Potter?!,” my mother asked in disbelief, and it’s true: isn’t that cool?!
DSC08256 DSC08235During Lent I have the tradition of going meatless. I started doing it two years ago. Back then I also wanted to abstain from chocolate and Facebook, but I didn’t like to have too many restrictions. I don’t do Lent for religious purposes, so it didn’t make sense to torture me more than I necessary. Valuing meat and abstaining from it every once in a while is very important, I think. Maybe you are a more moral person, but for me the main reason is that meat is a waste of calories, water, energy, space, and money. If I didn’t like BBQ sauce as much, I would have probably become a vegetarian years ago.

But I do like it.

I just watched Anna Karenina the other night with Keira Knightley (can we just mention how much I loooove Keira Knightley’s costume movies) and one of the characters said:

Spring is the time of plans and projects

That fits.
DSC08279 DSC08226So basically that sums up my spring: some school stuff but not too much, plans such as spring break trips, projects such as Lent, and spontaneous after-school photography trips, “the same procedure as ev’rrry year, James.”

I love spring. It’s my favorite season besides fall. Spring is optimism, life, colors, and careful warmth. I like it very much.


Thanks for reading.

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