The Third First Day of School

Hello world,

school starts tomorrow, and I thought we could celebrate that by walking down memory lane a bit, and remember my last two first days of school.
7.5.13 156 BildTwo years ago I transitioned from middle school to high school. It was a big change: I only knew one girl in my new classes who happened to be my very best friend. That made it even harder for me to make new friends because I only talked to my old friend. The first semester of my sophomore year was thereby sort of lonely and depressing. I barely took any pictures, and I didn’t start making friends until second semester (the upper photo is from May)

The whole year I was simply looking forward to my exchange year. I didn’t seize the time I still had at home.

I wish I’d opened up earlier. I wish I’d taken more photos. I wish I’d seized the time.
DSC02457 DSC02377 DSC02864Last year I had the most exciting first day of school: I started my year as an exchange student at a Minnseotan high school. It was very exciting and very different. I struggled with stubborn lockers, speedy cafeterias, a different dress code, and with Americans. Americans were hard to get used: They are obsessed with Disney, musicals, and series (especially Dr Who); they are superficial, and they are prude. I had to get used to people who knew every Disney song by heart; people who said “OMG I love you” but didn’t mean it; people who didn’t understand a single suggestive joke.

The first couple of months at Duluth East High School were very hard, too.
And I can’t name one thing I could have done differently that would made it easier.
KiWo 179 DSC03573This new start (the third one in a row) will be hard, too. I will be lonely in the beginning. That’s just the way it is.
But when you look at photos of last year compared to this year, you can how much I’ve changed. Not only is my hair longer and my style more individual (as my friends say haha), I’ve also changed on the inside.
I know now that I’ll have to talk to people. I’ll try to take photos. I’ll try to seize the time I have. But I also know that some things just happen. Sometimes it’s hard and it’s just the way it is.

In a couple hours everything will finally be back to reality. Hard to believe.
Oh, and here is a picture of my very first day of school. Cause cuteness.


Thanks for reading.

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