The Thing With Star Trails

Hello world,

happy Twelfth Day. What a stupid name! Let’s Germanize and call it 3-Kings-Day. DSC07226DSC07243So today, I have the beginning of a series/experiment/project for you.

Night photography. Some of it astrophotography.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for months now. I didn’t really have the guts and the knowledge to do it for most of it. Now I’ve worked out the first one and the second one is still in progress. Because, oh boy, it’s more difficult than it looks. It certainly is more than just pressing the shutter. Well, I guess, it is, but first you have to figure out the setting. Oh, and editing, too. But I am still on, so don’t expect big things from that field. DSC07290 DSC07278I only have four photos today but they were hard fought for. I braved the cold two nights in a row to try to take some decent astrophotography shots but so far I haven’t completely figured it out yet. It might be because I don’t have a big tripod (which might be worth an investment), plus I don’t really understand how to not get star trails but still somewhat light the picture. I want to see stars but no trails, please. And I can already tell there’s trails at an exposure time of 25 seconds.

Sooo… that sucks.

Anyways, I am going to keep trying. I got the program for Namibia today and there’ll be so many moments where I want to have figured out the thing with the star trails a long time ago. And this time is now. Let’s do this.


Thanks for reading.

PS: I could even see the Milky Way tonight! My camera couldn’t, though. Bummer.

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