The Same Procedure As Every Year

Hello world,

I had an epiphany this last week.DSC01978I have been thinking lately about motivation, productivity and such. My theory is that I follow an annual pattern: January through June I am very driven. It is that time of year I eat more healthily, exercise more, plan all of my trips, work and study a lot, and overall take on plenty, if not too many, tasks. Then comes summer. Summer is the break of any routine (heat, travels, all-nighters etc.)

Fall is my favorite season, but it is also the time of the year I settle down. Fewer runs and tasks, more hot cocoas and cuddles. I am simply not motivated to do anything I should do. I even neglect my blog annually October through December. By Christmas, I have usually turned into a chanting, gobbling, dozing ball of fuzzy socks.

In January I am motivated once again to take on the whole world.DSC01974DSC01990The same procedure as every year. Even though the setting has changed so much, I still follow the identical routine.

I consider myself fairly adventurous, thus it strangely afflicts me to realize that I am a creature of habit above all else. Not only habit, but an annual rhythm. Every winter I go into hibernation, and in the spring I sleepily reappear ready for it to happen all over again. I know, I know, it is a first world problem, however, I cannot help but feel so… bourgeois. So ordinary. Boring.DSC01961On the other hand, it is reassuring to know what I am to expect of this year. I know I can get back in shape. I know my motivation for studying will last until summer. I know I should seize this time to get things done. Because that is how it happens every year.

In a way, I am increasingly getting to know myself. And that feels pretty great.
DSC02007Overall, I can arrange myself with being so boringly predictable. It is convenient. Nevertheless, I would love to break free of my routines more often. Perhaps live somewhere completely different. Then again, I have done so and have had to realize that my habits will follow me across the globe.

We are all creatures of habit, however, it is also healthy to switch it up every now and then.

Do something different this year! Think outside the box!

I know I will try to.


Thanks for reading.

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