The Prospect Of Slush

Hello world,

for this post I’m doing another collaboration with Pascal The Great who also has a blog. Check it out.
DSC07119DSC07150We went to the forest to take some snowy pictures because yes, oh yes, it snowed in Switzerland. White fluffy stuff fell from the sky upon the ground to form beautiful white fluffiness.

I am in love.

My camp was awesome, by the way. I had the best New Year’s Eve “Silvester” of my life.
DSC07161DSC07163Tomorrow is the last day of my Christmas break. I am pretty sure it’s the last day of everybody’s Christmas break. A problem shared is a problem halved.

I hate weekends before school starts again. I have to do homework. I have to say goodbye to il dolce far niente. I have to actually do stuff. Like work. I’m working today and tomorrow. I am super grateful I have a job but it’s hard to get back into daily life. Can’t it just be the 25th again? Please?

Oh well, school is alright, I guess. I just had to read Perfume by Patrick Süskind, and I gotta say: it’s a really good book. I had read it before but this time around I had to pick the English version. I love love love the translation. There’s so many words in it I’ve never heard before. Words like stench. And olfactory. Or ward in the context of the children in an orphanage.

I love to learn.
IMG_9659-2 IMG_9674-2So, these pictures are not mine. They’re Pascal The Great’s. But I wanted to share them to slam some pictures of my face into your face.

You are welcome.

Have another one.

So, over all, you guys, wish me luck for Monday. I already have a ton of appointments, you know the ones I really look forward to like with the orthodontist or the first meeting for my matura paper; I have a ton of tests, presentations, and stuff, and I have only little time.

I guess, you will also have to wish me good luck in keeping up with my New Year’s Goals.


Thanks for reading.

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