The Inner Beauty of Seven and a Half Minutes

Hello world,

today’s post is about beauty. Inner beauty.
DSC07572 DSC07604I take the train to school Monday through Friday morning. Every other weekend I take the train to go to work. Sometimes I take the train to visit friends. Travel. Get food. Take photos.

Basically, I pay a visit to the train station rather often. I know it’s about seven and a half minutes if I walk at a leisurely pace. It’s six minutes if I walk at a fast pace and run the last hundred meters. If I have less than six minutes, I know it’s not worth the sprint it but I also know the next connection by heart. The S7 is the closest platform and thereby the most desirable. The S9 from platform one is so far away I have to calculate an extra minute, plus you never know when it’s gonna go (and that just sounded like Forrest Gump.)

What I am trying to say: I know my daily walk very well and today I am here to show you that, although it’s ugly, there’s also beauty in it.

If you calculate extra time to acknowledge it.
DSC07580DSC07565Isn’t it weird how some things you accept to happen every day and other things need to be different every day in order to satisfy you?

Breakfast for example. I am okay with eating the same cereal for two months. Many people are okay with eating the same thing for years and years. It doesn’t get boring because it is just the way it is. It belongs to the person’s morning routine. But dinner has to be different every night. Especially in the First World countries we live in, people avoid the same meal within a week, or two – people differ.

I couldn’t even eat my favorite meal (which I don’t have because there’s so many good ones: Chinese, pasta, steak with gravy, pizza, gnocchi etc.) every day. How boring would that be.
DSC07593DSC07564I walk to the train station at least once a day. Today it was three times. Plus, I walk back. So I might spend forty-eight minutes a day walking past the same wooden fence, the same box with road salt, the same church menu, the same offices, and the same two Plattenbauten (leo would not give me a translation for that one: it’s ugly blocks of apartments which are normally pre-fabricated).

It’s boring.

But today I walked the seven and a half minutes actively looking for beauty and I found it.

Let’s all go look for beauty in the things that bore us. If you can’t find it, try taking a way that might take nine minutes instead of seven and a half.


Thanks for reading.

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