The End of Summer Break

Hello world,

let’s enjoy some more Italy.
DSC02345 DSC02410Italy is pure summer. Literally. It’s pretty boring in the winter.

Italy is gelato, tan lines, street artists, cool churches, watermelon, milkshakes, mosquito bites and sweat. Los of sweat.
DSC02567 DSC02482Well, I’ve been back from Italy for two weeks, and summer is coming to an end. Tomorrow I will have my last first day of school.

To be honest I am not looking forward to this year. My time table is not as empty as I hoped it to be, and the majority of my friends is going abroad experiencing cool stuff while I am stuck in school finishing off my 12 years of studying.

I know this year will simply fly by with all the awesome things that will happen, the excitement, the wonderful people and the prospect of being done. Finally.
DSC02458DSC02077Although summer break is only five weeks where I live, it feels like a big annual chunk: a chunk of change. Five weeks ago I was only an 11th grader; now I am a senior, bitch! A senior of age!

So, here is to a year I am not necessarily delighted to still have to do but which will be fun.
DSC01961DSC02592I had a great summer visiting Berlin, Milan, Verona (see Juliet’s wall above), Venice and its islands (including Murano where they make glass, the Biennale Venice art expo and Burano with its colorful houses) and Heidelberg. I have fall break to look forward to five weeks from now. Funny, how those five weeks feel so much less important and shorter than the past five weeks.

Let’s do this. One more year.


Thanks for reading.

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