The Christmas Post

Hello world,

it’s time for The Christmas Post.

Merry Christmas!
DSC06479DSC06445So, I went on a Christmas photo shoot with my best friend Jassy today. I decided I wanted some pictures a couple days ago, I went on Pinterest, I decided I really wanted some pictures, I asked Jassy to come along, and we did it. We went in the woods, we put on lipstick, and we did it.

It was awesome.

But it was not Christmas-ey. Half of the time we did not even wear jackets and we had an elaborate discussion whether it felt like September, October, or early November. There goes that Christmas feeling.DSC06509DSC06376Basically we just created our own Christmas feeling: we looked for fir trees, waited for the darkness, and lit sparklers. We celebrated our own little Christmas party without snow, ornaments, and dat stuff. You know what’s depressing? If you look for “Christmas photography” on Pinterest, 95% of the Pictures are fat butt-naked toddlers playing with ornaments, fairy lights, candy canes, and shit. Or couples. They just add the clothes and mistletoes.

And that rhymed. Oh dear.

Anyways, the internet is pretty uncreative when it comes to grown ladies who don’t want to kiss anybody under some plant, form a heart with two candy canes, or entangle themselves in Christmas lights.
DSC06395DSC06326So we had to work with sparklers and fir trees. Glitter was planned but time and light issues made that impossible. I’ll do that for New Years. Well no, I’ll do it for next year’s Christmas special.

What is so Special about this post? Um, #1 it was published on the 24th and everything on that day is exciting and special, #2 I’m Feeling generous (or stupid) today, so I’m going to post all of the good pictures of our awesome photo shoot within one blog post. There’s no waiting for the second half. You guys, this is it. This is as Christmas-ey as we will get this year.

DSC06132Let’s just finish this off with one last picture with my new fancy copyright signature thingy. For the people who are not as Sherlock Holmes-ey: if there’s a fancy font saying “Layla Koch Photography” on the right lower corner of a picture, it means I took it. If it does not I did not take it. (From like 3 posts ago on) If you combine that you will find out that I finish off my fancy, non Christmas-ey Christmas post with a selfie.

How about that.

Merry Christmas!


Thanks for reading.

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