Ten Years And Churros

Hello world,

it’s me again from Spain.
DSC04463b DSC04489It is still beautiful although it rained quite a bit on Monday and Tuesday. But today it’s back to hot weather. My tanning mission was a success. I might have gotten a bit too much sun today, though. (I had this big discussion with my English teacher two weeks ago whether the past participle of “to get” is “got” or “gotten.” We figured out it was a cultural difference; the first one is British, the second one American.)
DSC04478b DSC04466bAs I’ve said before I am sharing a bungalow with two of my close friends from middle school. Two other middle school friends are here as well, so it feels a bit like back in 9th grade when we were all still part of one class. But now, only three years later, we are all on different paths already. We are in different schools, learning different things in different grades because some of us have already been abroad; we all have different ambitions and different plans for our lives.
DSC04457b DSC04455bIt’s crazy how much will happen in the next ten years. It’s crazy how many decisions I will have to make in the next ten years: where to live, what job to learn, which person to spend at least some time with, perhaps already children related issues, financial decisions, ethical decisions, personal decisons. I can decide what to do with my life, and at the same time things will happen I cannot control. All my friends and me, we will all make decisions, and we will struggle with them, choose something different, and live with the consequences of that.

Who knows who I will be in ten years.
DSC04426DSC04452bThe pictures are kind of random: we went to a market in Cambrils today where I bought some food including churros which you can see in the first pic. They’re like sweet, thick fries. Yesterday I also had Catalan lunch with sardines on garlic bread; I ate it! It was yummy. Tomorrow will be another super hot day, and we will probably spend it at the beach, frying in the sun, playing beach volleyball, and occasionally swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.
DSC04504bDSC04474bSome more random pictures. I think that’s pasta. I think.


Thanks for reading.

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