Swiss Thanksgiving

Hello world,

happy Thanksgiving!
DSC05910 DSC05901So, technically Thanksgiving is not really a thing in Switzerland but my mother and I thought we’d just do it. And no, we are not sponsored by Nike.

We invited my best friend and her parents over, we bought an eight pound turkey, we googled for traditional side dishes, and we just did it. Of course we could not handle everything on the actual date of Thanksgiving (Thursday), so instead we celebrated on the last possible day: Saturday before Advent started. We did it, you guys, we managed (respectively my mother managed) to host a successful Thanksgiving dinner on the first try.
DSC05913DSC02457Last year I celebrated Thanksgiving in freezing cold Minnesota. There had already been snow for a month, I had just gone to my first school dance (Harvest Ball on November 16th), and I was looking forward to Christmas. The last one has not changed this year. I am so excited for Weihnachten. Ugly Christmas sweater and Frosty — here I come!

Here is the link to the Thanksgiving post on my old blog. There’ll be a 6 months post-arrival recap posted within the next couple of weeks.


Thanks for reading this super short post.

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