‘Standard Yolo Quotation’

Hello world,

I graduated! Hooray!
DSC06941DSC06785I decided to celebrate that happy event with some colorful photos from Lisbon. Also, I’ve now officially handed in all my applications for university. So far, I don’t know¬†what I will be doing three months from now, but now there is no more I can do about it, which strangely calms me a lot.

It’s crazy to think that the moments I’ve been looking forward to so much this past semester are now all fast approaching. Some have arrived already: I graduated, I achieved a spot in the top ten percentile of the class of 2016, I turned all my documents, I get to sleep in and enjoy the summer (cold and wet as it is) – I am presently living the future I longed to have.
DSC06692DSC06685When I scrolled through my blog a couple of days ago I noticed that far too often my posts revolve around a specific event I look forward to, when in fact I should be enjoying the present I had looked forward to before.

I don’t want to rattle off quotes we’ve all heard far too often, but I just wanted to say that life is really good right now. Exciting things have happened, are going to happen, but most importantly are happening right now.


Thanks for reading.

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