Season Of The Lights

Hello world,

second Christmas post – wow, I am on a roll.
DSC06079DSC06065After working this morning, I bought some Christmas presents, went to watch the Christmas play at my church, snuggled up on my couch, and then took a walk through our neighborhood with my mom. So, over all, a pretty Christmas-ey day but the lack of snow still sucks the Christmas spirit right out of me. If that makes any sense.

I went to an awesome concert yesterday. It was in a tiny place with an audience of, um, 100 people? But the band was so great, they created the perfect party atmosphere. I pretty much jumped and danced for two hours straight. That is a sign for a good concert.
DSC06102 DSC06135You guys, I am excited for Christmas. I am excited for getting my presents done. I am excited for seeing the recipients react to them. I am excited for eating good food. Music. That comfortable, oh-so-known contentment you feel sitting on the coach with some hot chocolate, cookies, and piles of wrapping paper. Sleeping in on Christmas day. A long, long German breakfast with tons of food, sleepyheads, and pjs. More good food. Calling all the relatives.

Avoiding weighing myself. Making a list with all my New Year’s resolution knowing I will break all of them. Knowing how much I will enjoy breaking all of them.
DSC06100 DSC06121So, if you haven’t noticed by now: this post is about light. Ever since I watched that graduational paper presentation on “Long Exposure,” I’ve been fascinated with that topic. I also watched a presentation on HDR photography – so cool! I promise I will try to take a million pictures this Christmas break. If my exchange has taught me one thing it’s that photos matter. No matter how unimportant the event may seem, or how ridiculous you feel bringing along your camera; just do it!

But don’t forget to enjoy the moment without experiencing it only through a lense either.

4 days to go.


Thanks for reading.

PS: I can modestly say that I am freaking proud of that last shot. Go long exposure – I love you!

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