Rebooking Our Trip

Hello world,

My best friend and I took a trip to Lisbon this spring.
DSC06894DSC06934Nicole and I had been planning to do a trip together since last fall. I came up with the idea of… Greece. Greece: blue sea, white cots, Mediterranean food, we decided on it pretty quickly.

Then Greece shut down its borders in March. The refugee question was on everyone’s lips, and everyday we were faced with horrible images of drowned children. So, we cancelled our trip to Greece.
DSC06855 DSC06613Thus, we went to Lisbon. It was great. I do not want to get political, but refugees have shaped Europe so much already this year. Refugees are here, most of them cannot go back, and we need to tackle that ‘problem.’ We must not run from it.

I don’t have a solution; all I do is donate. I know, It’s also already been talked about a lot, I know. It’s still prevailing, though: a couple of days ago the UK decided to leave the EU, partially due to refugees they don’t want to host. It is neither the economically nor the morally right path to take, and it does not reflect the Europe I want to be part of.
DSC07063The only discomfort I’ve had to do endure so far, has been rebooking my spring trip. What a bagatelle compared to the ordeal people coming from all kind of pain have had to endure already.

There has been so much suffering already in 2016, whether it concerned refugees, the LGBTQ+ community, or innocent travellers at airports: Let’s not be overcome by fear and prejudice. Let’s not project one person’s actions onto a whole community. Let’s be tolerant and open-minded.


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