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Hello world,

it’s time for another Wednesday post. The countdown to Namibia is on.
DSC08386DSC08399So in two weeks and one day it’s Easter. Well, first there’s Maundy Thursday with my dad’s favorite Grünsössche, then there’s Good Friday which confuses me because the reason for it is not really good, and then there’s the Easter weekend. Including painted Easter eggs and croci. (Yes, the plural of crocus is croci.)

But two days and one day from today I am going to Namibia. That is something that freaks me out. For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet: I am going to Namibia this spring break with my English class. It was a long process for me to decide to go for it and now it’s almost here – arg!

I guess what I am most scared of is the fact that I am, for the first, going to visit a country that is not First World. And no, I am not scared I am going to be robbed or that something terrible is going to happen to me. It’s just that I am, for the first time, going to see the difference with my own eyes.
DSC08426DSC08430We have some extremists at my school. Liberal extremists, of course, because we are young and so there are people who want to overthrow capitalism, establish a “good” Communist society (or anarchy) and who, of course, would like to imprison all non-vegans. They smoke a lot, don’t wear any make-up, and can’t be argued with.

I am in a place where I benefit from capitalism. I am a first-worldler. I can eat meat if I want to. I can be a vegan if I want to. I can be on edge because there are simply too many yoghurts to choose from. I can buy my food exclusively at an organic store. I can spend all my money on shoes. I can donate money to charity.
I can live my happy first-world life. Or I can be bothered by the fact that the majority of the world’s population does not have that privilege.
DSC08463 DSC08478I guess I am afraid of realizing how privileged I am. Which is an extremely selfish fear.

I am not only privileged because I live in a first-world country but also because I live in a beautiful place where spring has just been really hanging out this last week. The horses are out and about, the chalk is back, and the bare-branched trees are slowly recovering (though still looking like it’s November).
DSC08530I am really grateful for all I have. I am grateful for this place and this weather. I am grateful for the trip and I deeply hope that it’ll be just that: a trip.
I will learn a lot about cultures and I will value some things more, but still, it is a trip and what I should freak out about is whether or not my camera is going to handle Namibia’s beauty.


Thanks for reading.

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