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Hello world,

I guess you haven’t heard from me in a while. So here I am. Better late than never. DSC03800bDSC00953bLately has been absolutely crazy. Not in the usual sense of crazy: busy days but some (little) time at night and weekends more or less free. Nah, the last two weeks have been crammed. I basically didn’t have any time because the couple of minutes I had every night had to be invested in sleep. And still, I am so tired right now – geeze.

So, bad news first: I don’t have any new pictures today. Buuut, good news: I decided to still write a post and add the best photos I took during my exchange year in Minne-snow-ta which I returned from in June. I’ve been looking through my old blog a lot lately. During my time abroad my main focus was to document moments. Now my main focus is to capture a moment, no matter whether I’ve included every detail. I did find some photos of that kind, though. DSC08097DSC05911bbWe talked about memories in my English class last week. Memories can be so many things. If they consist of bad things, they are often painful. If they consist of beautiful, wonderful things, they are mostly bitter-sweet and melancholic, because although they were good, they are over which is quite bitter. So basically memories are always in some way hurtful.

Why do we love and cherish them so much? I treasure my memories from my time abroad so deeply. Photos do not do it justice, and at the same time photos make it look more perfect than it was.DSC06002b DSC01175bMemories are photos, feelings, scents, tastes, music, people, and moments.

Memories are random snippets which you recorded or just took in during a moment that seemed unimportant, but when you look at it again, it feels so distant and precious, you start tearing up. DSC05816bDSC04300bUgh, why must memories be so melancholic and sappy? Let’s just say that: guys, (and I am quoting my dear friend Pascal The Great) if you’ve ever even slightly considered doing an exchange year, DO IT.

If you’ve ever even slightly considered starting a photography blog, DO IT!

If you’ve ever even slightly considered dropping out of school and becoming a pizza loving pole dancer instead, DO NOT DO IT.

And yes, you have considered that. We are all the same. DSC07038b DSC01061bSo here is ten months summarized in a bunch of pictures that I cherish so much, I bet it’s not healthy. I miss Minnesota, that lonely beautiful place. Until I check the weather there. Then I do not miss it at all. Everything is relative, you see.

Wasn’t that a fancy ending.


Thanks for reading.

PS: I promise there will be more posts coming soon.

PPS: Hm, maybe not promise. My dentist doesn’t promise me anything in case she screws up. Let’s adapt that strategy.

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