52 Snaps // Week 7

DSC02897Topic: Black and White

Throwing away old Converse always feels like the end of an era. I bought these in Amsterdam on my matura trip 1.5 years ago. Those were great times, yet so much has happened and got better ever since.

17 Memories // January 2017

Hello world,

another month has flown by. Time to reflect back on it for a second. DSC02026DSC02020January is already over, and it’s truly been busy. I love being busy, though! I feel so much more accomplished all the time. Everything I take on, is something I enjoy doing and am passionate about. With all my interests, I wish every day was longer. I could easily find another week worth of hobbies. Outside it is getting warmer everyday; There is so much to do, so much to see, so much still out there. I keep getting more excited about this year and life in general.
DSC02056Here is 17 memories I made in January 2017:

1. I took a trip to Brussels.

2. Switzerland granted me citizenship. I wrote a blog post about it, which I am pretty proud of.

3. I started bullet journaling. Love it, love it, love it.

4. Spontaneously I booked a trip with my two best friends in late March, which I am so stoked about.

5. I started Outlander and fell utterly in love with Scotland.   DSC020446. I had a lot of coffee dates. (Or rather cake dates, because I still don’t drink coffee. Will I ever grow up to like it?!)

7. After two months of laziness, I started running again! It’s made me feel so much healthier already. Plus, I love catching fresh air and watching nature change.

8. For the first time in a while, I actually practiced my music regularly and often. I even enjoyed it.

9. I spent a lot of time with my dormies. I love them all.

10. I also took on more duties at my dorm, including the semester group photo. We took it in the greenhouse, which is also where these photos were taken. The light was insanely pretty.
DSC0202811. I read Shakespeare and Henry James. All hail me.

12. My uni friends and I hung out more. We saw La La Land. I’ve been humming the soundtrack ever since.

13. This last weekend I spent with my parents and brother, good food, and good views.

14. I played front row in my orchestra for our concert.

15. My new best friend’s leaving this past weekend had me get up at 5 am and miss her so very much.
DSC0206616. I kept up with my photo project. (I am dedicating every week of 2017 to a certain topic. It’s called 52 snaps – check it out!)

17. I had a really good, full, balanced first month of 2017.



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