Freaaaaa(!)king Out

Hello world,

are you ready for my last spring post? Well, at least I hope it is my last.
DSC08613DSC08620Okay, I might just be freaking out. I am leaving for Namibia on Thursday. I have four days left until I am going to Africa – aaaaah! I haven’t packed yet, I am scared as heck I might forget the most important stuff, and I am terrified because I’ve never been in a country with such a different culture.

I am excited.

I am going to be okay, I guess. I might really embarrass myself by saying or doing stupid European stuff. But, oh well.
DSC08591DSC08601In Namibia it is about 30° Celsius, plus there is amazing landscapes. The photos will be completely different than the flower series I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. I hope the photos will be stunning. Gorgeous. Amazing. Breathtaking.

I have biiiig expectations for Namibia’s photogenicity (I looked that up – supposedly it’s an actual word.)
DSC08656 DSC08637So basically, this is just me freaking out because I have three important tests this week before I am going to Namibia. Instead of packing I am writing a blog post on how much I am freaking out. And I am watching a movie because there is no good Saturday without a movie.
DSC08561Next blog post will be about Namibia and with photos that succeed my expectations – hopefully.


I cannot post in Namibia, though, so you all will have to wait a month before you get to see all that crazy stuff I get to see in a couple of days.



Thanks for reading.

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