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Hello world,

so, a year ago from today I flew to the U.S., or – as my teacher corrected me today – “to my academic death.” But today I am not going to write a melancholic post about my time abroad; I am going to write about the time to come aka my bucket list.
DSC03787I am a list person. I love lists: Every Friday I make a to-do list for the weekend, I have a “stupid list” with all the things I want to do before I graduate, I barely finished my “exchange year” list, and I’ve had a “what-would-I-buy-if-I-had-the-money” list for ages. Luckily I found a list buddy in my best friend Pascal who helped and inspired me to write the list: all the things I want to do before I die.

Pascal has a very long list himself. He wrote down every wish on a envelope. Once he’s fulfilled the wish, he puts a photo of the act in the envelope, seals it, and puts it in a box. I reaaaally liked that idea, but I didn’t want to copy him, so I did something different: I glued all my wished to my bedroom wall.
DSC03805DSC03789Has anybody of you ever read the book “Before I die?” It’s about a girl who has cancer (of course), and she writes down the ten things she wants to do before she dies on her bedroom wall. Because she’s only got a couple months to live, her goals are pretty simple; have sex, do drugs, say “yes” to everything for a whole day. For my list I left out all the duuuuh iteams as for example: be happy, meet the love of my life, have a kid (well, I guess I just don’t want to write that one done, just yet – I am only seventeen – duuuuuh). Instead I tried to be creative. The goal of my bucket list is for me to look at it, and be inspired to do something extraordinary with my life.
DSC03798DSC03779So I wrote down goals like
“be fluent in a third language” (preferably Italian – adoro questa lingua),
“have a pixie cut” (once I’m done with my skin, and teeth treatments, lost all my babyfaceness, and am bold enough to wear bright lipsticks 24/7),
“see Eric Clapton perform ‘Layla'” (probably not going to happen, but if he ever goes on tour again, I will see him sing the song I was named after),
“own and know how to drive a Vespa” (a red one; I die every time I walk past one),
and “donate blood” because I am stronger than my fear of needles. I am!
DSC03802bFor me, the whole point of making a bucket list is inspiring myself. It’s not about achieving everything on my list. Actually, that’s not possible because there will always be new goals; goals that motivate me to get up in the morning. I can’t “live in Berlin” if I don’t go to school. I can’t “get abs” or at least not get fat it I don’t go to practise. I can’t “own a dslr” if I don’t keep hanging on to that job.
All my lists are about motivating and inspring myself. My blog is about that, too.

I can honestly say that I don’t care how many people read my blog. I want to read my blog in a month, or a year, or five years. I want to look back and say: “Oh yeah, backpacking through Europe – I did that.”


Thank you for reading.

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