My New Life in Heidelberg

Hello world,

Happy October and Halloween from beautiful Heidelberg!
dsc09857The first two weeks of uni life in Heidelberg have been quite crammed. Next to some annoying health problems and my courses, which are very interesting but also demanding, I am also already taking Italian classes twice a week, doing sports, I am part of the student body, playing the flute in an orchestra, and doing a lot of activities in my dorm, where I also feel very much at home.

As university student there is always so much going on, so much happening, and so little time to do it all.
dsc09984dsc09961Just this weekend I spent ‘hiking’ — others would call it strolling — around Heidelberg with my dorm squad aka my alternate family. I had so many great conversations with wonderful people, who are from all over the place, who have very different backgrounds, who are studying various majors, who are older and younger than me — although I am the top 3 youngest dormies. As uni students, all of that does not really matter any more — except maybe that the Bavarian and me are constantly making fun of each others’ origins. Overall, we are all on the same page now, though. We all want to make the best out of our youth; see a lot, talk a lot, dance a lot, and learn a lot.

That day we did dance and talk until 2am in our dorm kitchen.
dsc09951Not only is my dorm family great, but I am also intrigued by my major. Finally I am doing something I am actually passionate about. Right now there are still many compulsory freshmen basic courses, however, I am already having so many light bulb moments. While my dorm friends only care to listen a couple of minutes about methodology of American studies, my college mates and I can discuss it for hours in our little Starbucks corner.
dsc09841Maybe this is still just my honeymoon phase. Perhaps it won’t be this great a couple of months from now, when I have to face my first exams. Nevertheless, life is pretty great right now. It is stressful, packed, and intense, and that’s how I like it. Everyday I make new experiences, whether they be good or bad. (They’re mainly good right now.) I hope that at least that won’t stop for the next 2, 5, 50 years.


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