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Hello world,

Today I am here to talk to you about my bullet journal, because as a prospective adult it is important to be organized. Plus, bullet journals are so pretty.

What It Is

The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.

This quote is from the official bullet journal website. This ‘analog system in the digital age’ was created by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer. Here you can see an overview of his successful system:

His idea was adapted by many people across the globe, who also chose different approaches. It is the biggest advantage: There are no limits and no rules. I encourage you to look it up on Instagram or Pinterest; There are so many inspiring ideas.

I started bullet journaling this January after spontaneously purchasing a black Moleskine soft cover in a dotted layout at the Cologne train station. I had been using the Moleskine calendars for years, but my bullet journal is so much more than any calendar, and thus I am not planning on going back. It has become my pensieve — Harry Potter fans, raise your hands — or my brain dump (if you are a philistine).

So, let’s begin looking at my bullet journal after 2.5 months of usage:

Set Up

Basically, a bullet journal is set up to track your past, organize the present, and prepare for the future. It is divided into an index, a future log, monthly logs, and weekly logs, (daily logs are an option), and additional pages. That is the basic structure; there is an infinite number of page ideas to be added.

The Index

I use the index to keep track of my tracker, so to speak. All my pages are numbered and logged in my index. Looking at it, you get an idea of my set up and additional pages.

The Future Log

The future log gives me an overview of the year ahead. If I need to check a date, this is very convenient. Especially, since I continually add my monthly and weekly overviews instead of having it set up in the beginning already.

The Monthly Log

My monthly log consists of a calendar with important dates, which are also explained below, and goals for the month. Additionally, I have my monthly gratitude log to practice thankfulness and my habit tracker to keep track of certain habits I want to maintain.

The Weekly Log

I do not do daily logs, because my weekly already satisfy me. In the beginning of the week I set up goals. My to do list of tasks not bound to a date is continually added to and continually checked off. During the semester most days are full to remind me of chores.

Additional Pages

I keep a lot of important pages in my bullet journal. As I mentioned before, it is my pensieve, thus I contains almost everything I want to keep track of. An example is my bucket list, however, there is much more. For example, I use it for:

  • list of books to read
  • list of movies to watch
  • my social media statistics
  • travel planning
  • university planning
  • my 5-year-plan
  • notes on sermons, workshops etc.
  • my running log
  • my favorite quotes
  • etc…

I love the system of bullet journaling because of these additional pages. It is all about making it your own, trying out different systems and adjusting them. It is a creative outlet and some real me-time every Sunday night, when I sit down with a mug of tea and some good music to set up the next week.

You do not have to be artistic to try out this system of organization. There are many journalers who are much better at lettering or drawing than me. There are just as many journalers who prefer minimalistic designs. Ryder Carroll himself does not do fancy headers.

Just make it your own.

I hope I could inspire you a bit with my bullet journal. Have it a go, if you like. It has already turned into one of my highlights of 2017. (Because I am a freak and love organization and calendars and lists.)


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