Lycklig // February & March


Two more months have flown by. Wow. I am surprised myself that I am saying this, but life is so good right now. In all aspects, I am content. The only thing that makes me sad is thinking about this wonderful year ending in about three months.

Jag är verkligen lycklig. (= I am truly happy.)

Ann and Michi visited me in Uppsala and made me a very happy gal!

So, what have I been up to?

Let’s start with two highlights: the visits of some wonderful friends. In mid-February, I was lucky enough to be visited by my very best friend from Heidelberg Michi and our mutual American friend Ann. By chance, we all got to meet again for a couple days in both Stockholm and Uppsala. We visited museums, partied together, and had many in-depth discussions about societal issues over some cups of strong Swedish coffee.

Pascal and me at the Spy Gasque in early March

In early March, I then got to host another friend from a very different phase of life: Pascal and I went to seventh through ninth grade together and both did an exchange year in the US the same year. He came by on a whim and was overwhelmed by the traditions of Uppsala student nations. Also, we went to an indoor playground together and sang a lot of Swiss folk songs.

How wonderful is it to have so many deep friendships from different stops in my life?!

Reccegasque in February!

My student nation has continued to be a big part of my life here in Uppsala. While I scaled back my work commitment in the pub due to time issues, I am still very active during many events such as the gasques (= fancy dinners), of which I attended two these last couple of weeks. In February, we had a Reccegasque for the new students, and in March we had a spy-themed gasque. Both were super fun!

Also, there is a lot more nation stuff coming up! Next weekend, for example, I am going to Finland to visit our partner nation!

The beautiful pancake hosts in their natural habitat: GH kitchen on a Saturday morning.

Other than that, I am also very active at the pancake bar. On a biweekly basis, we make dozens and dozens of pancakes, create some specials–such as Harry Potter pancakes–and have loud dance parties in the kitchen. In spite of some initial frenzy, we are now definitely having fun! Every Saturday is a new adventure of challenges, but I am learning so much from being in a more responsible position. Also, it is probably good for my sleep rhythm to get up at a reasonable ‘adult’ time (7.30 am) every now and then.

Something I realized here in Uppsala: I really enjoy getting my hands dirty every now and then and physically get sh*t done as a break from my studies, which tend to be very theoretical.

Unrelated, but I love this photo and miss my emergency husband Michi.

Speaking of which: My studies have been going quite well! Compared to last semester, my classes have been a lot more interesting and diverse. I chose a bigger course load and more complicated topics this time around. While this demands more time and energy, it has definitely paid off. So far, I have learnt about Swedish history, American constitutionalism, and the public role of religion in Sweden. For the latter, I am currently writing a research paper on Christian reality tv–my love for useless topics continues!

However, I am also looking forward to finishing my Bachelor degree in Heidelberg next semester. Hopefully, I get to graduate in March 2020. There is a lot of exciting things happening after Sweden, which I am trying to focus on to alleviate the sadness of leaving.

My very best friends: Adélaïde, our Guru, and Lovisa, my glucose guardian.

There have been several instances in these past eight weeks that a friend texted me, asking how I was doing, and I was surprised everytime to realize how incredibly happy and at home I feel in Uppsala. When I first came to Sweden, I fell in love with its relaxed attitude. However, I already know that when I leave in June, I will be saddest because of the people I have met, mainly my tribe: Lovisa and Adélaïde. The three of us have become more than friends. We are sisters from various backgrounds (Sweden, France, and my multicultural mess).

I don’t want to become too gushy, but these girls are some of the closest friends I have ever made. Period.

Planning weekend at the nation in late January – wonderful people!

In addition, I have many other wonderful friends who I have become very close with. Most are from my student nation. There is truly someone for every kind of mood and activity whether they be Disney marathons, partying, fika, or face masks. I love them all dearly and am very grateful to have found so many ‘coole Socken.’

This semester has so far already shown me that it was definitely worth being a club worker last term. Although I suffered on an unpaid basis, I made so many amazing friends and am now firmly established at my student nation. And surprisingly, most of my friends are in fact Swedish!

While looking through photos, I found this picture of me celebrating Midsummer in my dorm in Heidelberg in 2017. It got me excited for all that is to come in these next months, including midsommar. There is still a looot of fun events, trips, and moments, both planned and unplanned, taking place. While thinking about leaving makes me sad, I am very excited for more Swedish adventures.

So far, my year abroad has been nothing short of wonderful. How lucky am I to have gotten this opportunity.

Okay, I will stop with the cheesiness now. (Missing Swiss cheese, though, if we’re on the topic. Someone pls bring me Appenzeller.)



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