London at Night // 2k14

Hello world,

aaaah, the first official blog entry: it’s here! And it’s awesome because the place I am right now is awesome. And I am too American for this place. Because I am in London.


So this early afternoon we took the train from Bern to Basel. That took about an hour, and we practically drove through half of Switzerland.  It’s small – don’t judge. In Basel we checked in, got bored, and finally got to walk to the airplane. I wish I could spend some time on an airport taking pictures of this huge surface areas covered with cement.

We arrived in England, drove from Gatwick to London, and got some stuff at McDonalds, Subway, and KFC. (Everybody in my family has his or her preferences – Jonathan was excited to try a 1400 calories KFC menu for the first time)


Our hotel is at Euston. My mom and I went King’s Cross after we had checked in at the hotel. Yeah, that King’s Cross where Harry Potter once ran through a wall to platform 9¾. They have a cart sticking out of the wall but there were so many –mostly American – tourists that we didn’t get our picture taken. We did go to the shop, though, and we quickly took the train to Picadilly Circus which was cool.


So excited for tomorrow.
So excited.



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