Living on the Edge

Hello world,

I am trying to get back into my blogging schedule, so here is the first Saturday post in a long time.
DSC01052DSC01068I think I got a bit of an overdose of photography in Nambia (I took about 2,500 pictures within 2 weeks), therefore I did not go out on one of my regular photo trips until yesterday, when I just felt like doing it again. It was a Friday night, I was planning on watching 12 Years a Slave comfortably installed on my couch but  first wanted to get some fresh air. I grabbed my bike, and off I went.

What I ended up taking pictures of, was the railroad fringe. So I guess if I was artsy enough, I’d write a post about living on the egde.
DSC01077 DSC01076I read an article a couple of weeks ago on how the generation Y (which would be me and my fellows) is not rowdy, wild, and crazy as our parents (supposedly) were. We are well-behaved, ambitious, and happy. We don’t drop out of school, dye our hair green and learn how to skateboard. We don’t road trip to San Francisco to smoke weed. We don’t shrug when asked if we are going to anything out of our lives. We don’t turn into emos and create websites where we spill all our sad little secrets. (Although technically I am.)

We are generation Y. We were brought up with our parents’ constant praise teaching us we can do anything if we just work hard. We grew up surrounded by people all over the world with the same beliefs. We experienced that success is happiness and that family is happiness.

Thus, generation Y is a bunch of hard-working, highly qualified, content youngsters. Doesn’t sound like living on the edge.
DSC01047 DSC01087I count myself as a fairly stereotypical generation Y member. What I understand as an adventure is not cluelessly travelling the world without seeing the need of a good education. Doing an exchange year to broaden my horizon was one of the biggest adventures I will ever do.

Am I boring? Should we all live on the edge because YOLO? (I am so sorry I had to bring this up.)

I guess, living on the edge is relative. If the last generation regarded living a restless life as an adventure, maybe this generation regards studying a “unprofitable” major such as Sinology (outraged gasp). Plus, we are not bound to generational terms. We might be generation Y, but you can be generation A because you’re awesome or generation K because you kick ass. That is our society nowadays: You can do what you want whether this be on the edge or not.

What is the edge, anyways?


Thanks for reading.

PS: Here‘s the edition containing the article I mentioned.

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