KiWo 2k15

Hello world,

I am back at school but wanted to share some more photos from my summer break.
DSC02746DSC03184Every year I spend the last week of summer break volunteering for a project from my local church. Together with two dozen teens between 12-20 years we organize the KiWo (KinderWoche = Childrens’ Week) on a schoolyard. We organize workshops and daily performances (e.g. songs, plays, games and food for thoughts) and offer it for little money. We have about 100 kids a day. It’s pretty awesome.
DSC03249DSC02847We have a website with pictures, videos and short exerts on which we try to connect and communicate with our participants. I shared some of my work on it, so check it out. Not all photos are mine but some.

The teens and counselors had additional program during which we took a trip to a lake, played volleyball, hung out and had some good food.
DSC03002All in all, it was a great summer week full of heat, water fights, laughter and good photography because I was finally allowed to photograph 100 kids as much as I wanted to. However, I don’t feel comfortable sharing these photos on the internet, so I chose less “revealing” pictures for this post. Maybe some of the closeups will be printed in the next church menu.


Thanks for reading.

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