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The adventures in Canada continue.
DCIM100GOPROGOPR0058.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0128.I had an insane first week of work in Lake Louise, AB, Canada, filled with little work but a ton of activities with newly found friends. Within five days I swam in a cute little lake, hiked up a 7km trail (520m elevation gain), saunaed, jumped into an actual glacier lake at 12am, had gas station sushi, went to some hot springs originating in the Rockies, and spent a night stargazing on our balcony. All of that with awesome people, whether they be Canadian, Slovenian, or German.
DSC08827This weekend the fun continued and I got to check off one of my bucket list items: I canoed on Lake Louise. It was absolutely beautiful. The shores of Lake Louise are always packed with tourists, but luckily renting a canoe is so expensive that only few people do it and even more luckily we had a coupon for it. It was serene, peaceful, and simply a (Pinterest) dream come true. My Japanese roomate was probably the only person, who was even more excited about it than me.
DSC08870 DSC08874On Saturday evening I returned to Lake Louise with another friend to hike up the Big Beehive, which is visible in the first picture reflected into Lake Agnes. Lake Agnes is situated after about 2/3 of the trail next to a cute tea house. Sadly, it was closed because we went quite late. Sniff. I was craving tea.

It was my first hike with a Canadian and the mountain looked crazy high (520m), but it was surprisingly great. The 12km hike was just fine. We got to talk a lot, take cool pictures, and avoid all of the (I have to admit mainly Asian) tourists on the shores. Fun fact: Accommodations here are so expensive; spending a night in that hotel visible on the picture costs at least $800.
UntitledIt’s been a packed first week in Canada — thank God, because it’s so beautiful here, it would drive me nuts to be stuck at the lodge. I’ve been extremely fortunate to get to meet so many awesome people within such a short span of time. Nevertheless, I think it hasn’t been only luck either: As a former exchange student I know the importance of chucking out all shyness and just talking to people. It is most definitely worth it.


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