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There are two national parks I spend a lot of time in: Banff and Yoho. Let’s talk about Yoho.
DSC09117DSC09106Banff and Yoho National Park meet at the border of the two provinces Alberta and British Columbia. Banff is located in Alberta, Yoho in BC. Banff is all famous because of Lake Louise and Lake Moraine and because the ‘towns’ (Banff and Lake Louise) in it are very touristy, but Yoho is absolutely stunning as well. However, I do agree that the main city in Yoho, Field, really isn’t the place to be.

Generally speaking, while Banff is more luscious and green, Yoho is rockier. It is drier and always a bit warmer. However, those are just guidelines: The lake in the pictures above is Lake Emerald in Yoho National Park, luscious and green and beautiful.
DSC09079This is one of Yoho’s most prestigious sights: Takakkaw Falls. It is pretty tall with 302 meters.

By the way, Yoho was the second national park to be founded in Canada, together with Glacier National Park (not the one in Montana). First was Banff, obviously. Banff is much larger, too. Plus, it gets six times as many visitors. To summarize it, Banff National Park is like the annoyingly successful big brother. Not that I would know, since am the annoyingly successful big sister. (Muahaha)
DSC09186I am giving you all these facts and pictures so that Yoho National Park may be known beyond the territories of BC and Alberta. Banff and Lake Louise get all the fame on Pinterest, but Yoho is just as cool. Just a bit smaller and a tad less trendy. I have a heart for the outcast, I guess.

I must say, though, I have far less pictures from Yoho than from Banff, although we live in Lake Louise. So, I still have to up my game, too.
DSC08942But look at it: Even the rainy days are beautiful. They’re also a bit depressing, because temperatures drop to 5°C (40°F) in late August while all of Switzerland is getting tan, but they are pretty. Can you spot the mountain?

Basically, #fightforyoho. It is a fantastic national park that deserves just as much attention and love as Banff is getting.


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