It’s a Good Life

Hello world,

here comes the much postponed second part of my series about my trip to Namibia.
DSC09178DSC09244I’ve been feeling really good. The two stressful weeks of re-adjustment are over and summer has definitely emerged from around the corner. I have many projects that keep me busy, many days off to get me rested and many plans to make me excited for the coming months. I have even started doing more sport again. We have to do a triathlon in our P.E. class which has motivated me to start running, cycling and swimming again. Plus, there is always a ton of fruit now because my mom can’t wait for summer either, so she constantly buys Spanish strawberries.

Life’s been good.
DSC09306DSC09424One of the projects I’ve been passionately pursuing is my BBL, my Book Bucket List. Yes, another bucket list. Yes, another list. My BBL is a list of English classics I want to read because I am pretty sure I am going to study some kind of English major and I (a) feel like it’s my duty to have read classics before I study English and (b) find it’s a good trial and error whether I should study English. Well, I am loving it. So far I’ve read Mockingbird, Fahrenheit 451, Secret Life of Bees and Gatsby. In my classics shelf (YES, OF COURSE I ALSO HAVE A SHELF FOR MY BBL) is also Dead Poets’ Society (read in 10th grade – big love), Pride and Prejudice (still to read but grand expectations!) and Romeo and Juliet (also still to read). On my nightstand currently lies Atonement by Ian McEwan. I didn’t read a lot these last couple of months so my BBL is an awesome change. Nothing is greater than the sense of sophistication when I meaningfully flip over the last page of a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
DSC09517DSC09453I’ve been also doing quite good at school and I am really looking forward to finally finishing off 11th grade which is said to be the worst year ever but wasn’t that bad in my opinion. Still, I want to start my Senior year. Let’s just say: being a Senior in Switzerland is… comfortable.

I’ve started a photo album for Namibia which is partially the reason why I didn’t update my blog that often – sorry about that! I feel really old-school gluing printed out pictures into a huge album. But now I also have time to talk some more about Namibia on here. I haven’t really done that but let me quickly explain dem pics:

In Namibia giraffes will just walk next to the car calmly chewing some plants. We saw this one on our way to Waterberg which is on the second picture and on which we hiked up to catch a glance of the rising sun. We missed it. The two following pictures are from communal Africa beyond the veterinary fence. The vet fence makes its way horizontally through the Southern African continent and divides commercial Africa (South, fenced properties, strongly Western influenced) from the communal Africa (the stereotypical Africa, villages just own a couple sheep which randomly run around). There we got to experience some of the real Africa which was really impressive.
DSC09422DSC09344Last thing to say about the last couple of weeks: I’ve had to say goodbye to my TV series. It was especially tragic because I only have this one. I’ve only been loyal to this one. I’ve only ever really loved this one. Sniff. But McDreamy had to die in a completely ludicrous, ingrate and unrealistic way. So I had to say goodbye.

I wore black for two days.


Thanks for reading.


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