I’ll Be Home (?) for Christmas

Hello world,

All is merry. All is bright. Christmas is almost here.
dsc00097It’s December 19, five days before Christmas Eve. I’ve been living in Heidelberg for 2 months, 11 days, and a couple of hours, but it feels like I’ve been here for much longer. Moving to Heidelberg was a drastic change, which I had been equally excited and anxious about for months beforehand; I am thus all the more surprised of how smooth it’s been. There has been no homesickness, no loneliness, no regrets.

Heidelberg feels right. It’s right where I am supposed to be right now.
dsc00309dsc00140November and December have flown by. It’s been pretty gray most days, however, uni has also kept me quite busy. I don’t mind studying that much if it means huddling up in my onesie with a cup of tea and the prospective of spending the evening watching series with my dormies.

Life here is simultaneously crammed and wonderfully spontaneous. There are many commitments and responsibilities (especially, because I love to say yes), but also many, if not too many, get-togethers of all sort. Whether we hike up to the castle late at night, go see a play, watch scary movies until 3 am, party till even later, or just lie around too lazy to stop Netflix from playing the next episode, those are the best moments. I might need to sleep a bit more (especially, because I love to say yes), but other than that I am loving it all.
dsc00007I’ll be home for Christmas a few days from now. It feels very grown up to do so. I’ll be home for Christmas in Bern, then I shall return to my home in Heidelberg.

What is home?



PS: Here is what Goethe had to say about my new favorite place:

Ich sah Heidelberg an einem völlig klaren Morgen, der durch eine angenehme Luft zugleich kühl und erquicklich war. Die Stadt in ihrer Lage und mit ihrer ganzen Umgebung hat, man darf sagen, etwas Ideales.

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