If Somebody Agápes You, Why Don’t You Éros Them?

Hello world,

We left Ireland today and I want to leave a couple random pictures on the blog. I want to try to post every three days – now it’s 1.30am, so technically I’m already a day off, but I’ll just cheat, and change the time of the post.

It was really rainy the last couple of days which led to some quarelling within the family, also because we had already been together 24/7 for two weeks straight. I hope we’re not the only family who gets a tiny bit annoyed by that situation after a while. It’s the same with friends – sorry guys, but after spending a lot of time together without any other people, it does kind of get annoying. Of course, I don’t dislike people I like after spending a significant amount of time with them; but you just gotta take a break.

That made me think: I’ve never actually been in love, but I’ve been told that once you’re there, you want to spend every second with your person.
DSC03332bThat seems like an awful lot of time to get annoyed by each other. And still: there’s people – a lot of people – who spend almost every second together, and instead of getting on each other’s nerves, they fall even more in love, they go on trips together with nobody else, they move in with each other, they get married…

Love is weird. Especially because I do love my family, and my friends, still, we get annoyed by each other. But love as in Éros seems to be very different than love as in Philia and Storge.
DSC03271bThe Greeks had different words for love: Éros is romantic love, Philia is “friendly” or mental love, Storge is “familiar” or affectionate love, and Agápe is “religious” or spiritual love.

So, you could even bring in the love of God for us. That love is selfless and unconditional. So if somebody “agápes” you, and you hurt them by doing something stupid, they will still love you. How curious that 99% of people get the “I want to spend every minute of every day with you and I won’t ever get annoyed by your stupidity” Feeling, aka the Èros thing, with another human being instead of with a being that will never stop loving you. And a being that isn’t stupid.

I don’t want to turn this post into some kind of missionary thing – I am really bad at that. I am just wondering about humans and wondering about love as in Éros, Philia, Storge, and – as in some rare wonderful humans – Agápe. I am wondering because love is so untypical homo sapiens.
DSC03367bMaybe Éros is a mainly physical love, but it’d be really sad if we only got the feeling when we’re physically turned on. We should get it whenever somebody “agápes” us, or “philias” us or “storges” us. (And I know that’s impossible – I fail at it every day.)

I guess, we are all just stupid. And weird. But the people with the “I want to spend every minute of every day with you and I won’t ever get annoyed by your stupidity” thing are especially weird. Still, I am curious to experience that feeling. Although I’ll be stupid and annoy every other person except my person. How sad that it doesn’t last long in many cases.


Thanks for reading.

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