I Was Born To Fall

Hello world,

it’s time for another series of narcist pictures.
DSC03980bIt’s fall. August is over, fall break is a week away, I’m not craving shorts anymore; it’s fall.

I love fall. I adore fall. I like the colors of the leaves, hot chocolate in front of a fire, travelling in fall break. I especially love fall fashion. Fall fashion means red, brown, and grey, pants, sweaters, Oxford shoes, trench coats, leather, stripes, scarves… I don’t have to wear shorts to survive the day, insteadĀ I can layer. I can listen to Indie music all day long without getting depressed. I can watch movies and series without feeling anti-social.

I think I was born to fall.
DSC04014bI went to a flea market the other day, and I bought these shoes. For twenty bucks. Oh, and I bought the red coat. I was sort of in heaven after that trip. Oxford shoes and trench coats – one of the fall perks – are/were right on top of my “what-to-buy-once-I-earn-money” list. I am going to Berlin in three weeks – aaaaargh – and I need to buy more Oxfords. I also need to buy some band tees cough Imagine Dragons cough I wish I could go on one of their currently nonexistent concerts.

This coming week I have a minorĀ oral surgery, and project week which is going to be lame. In six days I am leaving for Spain. I am so excited. Although it’s going to be weird because fall hasn’t arrived in Spain just yet. So I don’t need to put away all the highwaisted 90s shorts just yet.
DSC03992bAnother thing I love about fall: traditions. And exactly that will depress me this time around because I won’t have most of them. I won’t have Halloween. I won’t have Thanksgiving. I won’t have Black Friday. I won’t have football games. I won’t have Homecoming. I won’t have winter sports tryouts.

I will not have an Indian fall.

And now I know how incredibly it beautiful it is: the view of Hawk Ridge looking over a Duluth covered in bright orange and red leaves, right next to the endless width of Lake Superior.
DSC04020b DSC04002bBut I will have fall break. I will go to the Europa Park. I will totally freak out because of all the tests we will have. I will shop like crazy because I finally won’t dehydrate anymore everytime I have to peel myself out of my clothes in the changing rooms.

There’s flaws and perks to everything. Last week I screwed up Chemistry. I have never failed a test that badly. I actually just sat there and laughed because it was so sad. Oh well, that’s what you get once your grades start counting again: you screw up and you have to deal with it.

It’s fall. Everything will start to get colder and darker. And that’s okay. That’s the way it is.
DSC04011bFall is here. Time goes by. Things change. Things stay the same.

What a funny world we live in.

Red trench coat by H&M (thrifted)
Shirt by Clockhouse
Jeans by Mango
Oxford shoes by Zara (thrifted)
Cross necklace gift


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