I Feel Change in the Wind

Hello world, I’ve been reading a lot of my favorite blogs more carefully lately. Now having my own blog I am trying to evaluate what I like about them – beside the beautifully fashionable people who write them. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really enjoy blogs that publish bictures but don’t necessarily explain everything about them and instead talk about their lives and what’s been lying on their minds. So I will try doing that. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I want all my pictures big. Egalité, fraternité, liberté. DSC02957bDSC02966b So, we only have a couple days left in Ireland and only a little over a week left until school starts again. I’m going to be a junior – again, as I have to repeat a year because of my time abroad. That means I’ll be in a new class; in Switzerland we are roughly with the same people every period. We call that group of people a class. I’m now part of the class 16Gf: I am class of 2016, and the fifth one (f) of the Geisteshumanwissenschaften (= arts (as in Bachelor of Arts)) section. Not only my new label is scary – I am actually really nervous about this new year. DSC03002bDSC03035bI am used to new beginnings – this year will be the third time in a row of having a drastic change in my scholar situation. Two years ago I graduated from middle school (Freshman year is part of middle school, too, in Switzerland), last year I was a student at an American high school in Duluth, Minnesota. Still, I am excited about this new start. I am going to meet so many new people, I’ll be back with “normal” people of my age again (no offense, Duluth). It’s going to be so much fun. But at the same time my old friends and I will drift apart. The fact that we’re a year apart now will sink in. I will have to catch up on so much school stuff – I can’t even explain how much I’m NOT looking forward to French and Italian. My normal life will begin again. DSC03088bDSC03133bI love Swiss schools: they’re really good – like actually good. You get to learn so much awesome stuff. You get to travel. You get to meet smart, fun people. But at the same time it’s definitely going to be a huge contrast and shock going from an American school back to a challenging system. US high schools are mainly fun: spirit days, games, sports, activities, weird things like “Fancy Friday,” “Ugly Christmas Sweater Day,” or some kind of “Hawaiian Shirt Wednesday” – we don’t have that. Swiss schools are hard. They suck – sorry if that’s contradictory. I am ready to be less American and more normal-like-the-rest-of-the-world again but I am going to miss all those unneccessary things so much. DSC03180bOver all I am ready for school to start and at the same time I am scared out of my mind for it to get real again. You will read it on my blog, I guess. Cause in the end it’s a creative outlet for me which I really enjoy. We went to the Aran Islands today. It was gorgeous, as usual.


Thank you for reading.

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