How Music Isn’t My Passion But I Still Love It

Hello world,

I went to my first big concert yesterday. So I thought I’d write about music today.
Music and me has never been this huge love story other people like to say about themselves and music. I like music. I really do. I enjoy listening to it. I am very thankful for earbuds to give me some privacy in the train in the morning.
But music isn’t my passion.

My passion is photography. And languages. And lying in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy.
DSC03928bWhen I was in middle school I listened extensively to the crap everybody else was listening to. I don’t want to list names cough Culcha Candela cough Black Eyed Peas cough Sido. I downloaded all their music in case someone would one day ask me what kind of music I had on my cell. Then I would be able to list some popular songs.

From 9th to 10th grade I didn’t really listen to any music. Neither annoying electro songs nor anything I actually liked.

During my exchange year I rediscovered music. I finally found bands I like. Musicians whose work I consider art.
10410869_853608891330069_2618943235197438625_nbYesterday I went to my very first big concert. I won the tickets from a radio station. It was an openair concert meaning there were a lot of performers including Swiss artists like Bastian Baker, Remady & Manu-L, and Pegasus, but also international ones like Steve Angello, Family of the Year, and drum roll Kodaline.

It was aaa-mazing. It was so good. Not only because you were in this crowd with all these people wanting to have fun, listen to music, and party. No, the music was actually good because I finally found artists, genres and songs I enjoy.

“I’ve got HIIIIIIGH HOOOOPES, it takes me back to when we started”
“Leeeet me go, I don’t wanna be your HERO / I don’t wanna be a big man, just wanna fight with everyone else”
“But if you loved me, why’d you leave me, take my booody, take my boooody / All I want is, and aaall I need is, to find SOMEBOOODY”
10394596_853608657996759_7678890814723695290_nbI went with my close friend Adina. We partied together because we love the same kind of music. And that connects. We both love Kodaline. We both love Indie. We both love lyrics with a meaning.

I love music when I love the music. I enjoy music when I enjoy the music.

Music is art. It expresses. It connects. It is inspired, and it inspires.

I am so happy to cross “Go to a big concert” from a “Stupid List,” and I now hope more than ever that one day I can cross off “See Imagine Dragons live” from my bucket list, too. With my sweet friend Adina.


Thanks for reading.

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