How Is Uni Going?

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How is uni going?
DSC01799 DSC02195As of today, I am done with my first semester. All my courses are done, and all my exams are written. I do not know if I have passed, yet, but I am optimistic. Also, I am already enrolled for next semester; second semester, done with being an Ersti.

The last two, three weeks have been rather stressful. Uni exams and Italian exam have been straining. My room is a mess. My library books are overdue. My laundry detergent has been empty for a week now.

I am ready for my semester break. So ready.
DSC02293 DSC02137I have been asked a lot lately, whether I am still enjoying my study major. Most people tend to decide on a major within the first semester, thus we have already lost a third of our class.

Well, I still love my major. It is still exactly what I am interested in. It is still still the perfect mix. I love the department. I love the little class size and the friendships its already brought me. I love how many choices I have.

I think, the best indicator of a good fit is the level of excitement when the new university calendar is released. I was so ecstatic.

There is so much to do. I already have so many plans, and they all involve continuing my major. So, if you are wondering if I still enjoy my major: YES!DSC01821 DSC02233To be honest, I am so grateful for having found a major I truly enjoy. I am so grateful for the excitement and fulfillment it brings me. I do not know what the future will bring, however, I am simply glad that I am currently happy.


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