Horcruxes and Shaved Coconuts

Hello world,

so this is finally the second part of my photo trip.
DSC05583bDSC05809bIt’s three more weeks until Christmas and – surprise – I am extremely busy. I feel like I say this in every single post but where the heck does all my time go? I for sure do not have it.

School is going quite well. I’ve now gotten the hang of studying again. I know what classes I have to invest a lot of time in and the classes where I do not have to worry about late-night-study-sessions. I thought the language classes would be part of the first group after not having had them for a year but they are actually my best ones which is pretty great. A year is long but not as long as I expected it to be.
DSC05639bDSC05673bI’ve now also gotten the hang again of organizing and planning every bit of time I have . In the beginning of the school year I just panicked after doing nothing for a couple of hours. Now I’ve finally figured out how to somehow keep somewhat of an overview. I need time to study but I need to have some free time for il dolce far niente, too. I need time to sleep (well, I sorta really need some more time to sleep). I have a job, tutor a bunch of kids, play volleyball, go to school, try to maintain a good GPA, and get myself to do some cool stuff on the weekend. Yesterday, for example, I shaved a coconut with one of my exchange buddies for bucket list purposes.

That was random.
DSC05656bDSC05708bWhen I told my volleyball coach I did not want to play this season but instead just practice, he said: “You always have time for the things you make time for.”


So, in my case, it is shaving a coconut at 10pm on a Friday night because “shave a coconut” was the first thing the other Murican and I found when we googled “bucket list inspiration.” But it’s true: You make time for the things you want to do.

I could easily have a full life without dragging myself to volleyball practice, without feeding people suffering from dementia on the weekends, or without shaving a coconut (oh, really?). But I want to. I freaking want to slog that volleyball, I want to listen to what those inspiring people think and how they have handled everything life’s thrown in their way, and I want to rip every single hair out of that coconut.

So I make time for it.
DSC05765bDSC05789bBuuuut there is a limit for everything. And that’s why I am not playing this season in spite of the quotable words of my (very mean, heartless, voldermort-ey) coach. Instead I feed old people. And I am happy I don’t have the opportunity/obligation to work the entire weekend in spite of the cute elders (who really are inspiring, and, by the way, hilarious.) I suppose, I could also shave a coconut every Friday but I won’t in spite of the fun I had yesterday.

So, basically, what I am saying is that if I were immortal I’d turn into a volleyball player with seven horcruxes who lives at an old people’s home and shaves a coconut every Friday.


Thanks for reading.

PS: I noticed that if you just throw one glance at that pic with the sign it looks as if it said “f*ck” in the third row. That is not correct. The whole picturesque sign says “Sonnenblumen 1 Stück (piece missing) 7 Stück Fr. 5” which means “sunflowers xx Francs a piece, 5 Francs for 7”

There you go, you naughty people.

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  1. That picture with the cows/yak? is incredible. You should post that to Facebook, Instagram…etc and tag National Geographic.

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