Home Is Where The Bored Gargoyles Are

Hello world,

it’s time for another sunny, spring-ey post – this time on time with an actual text.
DSC08296 DSC08302On Saturday I went to Berne to go to the library and buy new mascara. I took my camera along because, y’know, you never know whatcha gonna get, and took some pictures of the first warm, sunny weekend day Berne has had this year.

Berne is not a big city. Although it’s the capitol of Switzerland only 130,000 people live here, suburbs excluded. That’s not small, but if you ask anybody (with a rather low IQ) abroad, what the Swiss capitol is, they will probably say ‘Zurich’ (because the airport is there), or ‘Geneva’ (because important people meet there), or maybe even ‘Basel’ (because it’s sorta big).

Berne is an insider tip. Berne is small. Berne is cute. Berne is home.
DSC08305My best friends with whom I was in the same grade until last year are now all making plans for the future including where to study what.

I love making plans for the future. I love looking up majors I find interesting. I love speculating what city I might live in. Berlin would be simply awesome. Heidelberg would be nice. I definitely wouldn’t say no to Hamburg. Even Zurich could be an option.

Ever since I was four I’ve wanted to move out. It wasn’t and it still isn’t because I don’t like it here. I love Berne, its size, its beauty, and its homeliness. I am so grateful to have spent the most important part of my life so far in Berne. But at the same time I want to move out for college. I want to move to another city, start from scratch again, make friends, feel at home at a different place, do cool stuff, do ma thing.
DSC08290 DSC08287I’ve always had a hard time understanding people who don’t like to travel and who don’t like change. Say what – I love that. No change, no fun. I love Berne, but I’ve fallen in love with so many other places; not only German cities to study it, but England in its wholeness, Duluth, Chicago, Sweden, and more. I want to live in and see as many places as possible. I want to meet people and have fun with them. I want to make memories. I want to travel.

I want to come back to Berne with its bored gargoyles, Saturday markets at the Bärenplatz, and oversized chess boards. I want to lie in the bed I’ve had since I was five and be annoyed because my mom wants me to get up before 11am.

Life is full of changes. Changes are good. Coming home is good, too. But then again there’s another place waiting.


Thanks for reading.

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