Here Comes The Sun

Hello world,

I am back. With pictures. Finally.
DSC05590bDSC05630b So, for this post I am collaborating with Pascal from (he needs a catchier name.) Basically we met and took pictures together. He is an incredibly skilled photographer; go check out his work. It’s divine.

Pascal the Great — as I call him — have been friends for a couple of years, but today was the first time we went on a photo trip together. We decided to go on the Gurten for the sunrise which was a good call; it was gorgeous. It was worth getting up at 5.55 am on a day I could’ve slept in. (And that says something.) No, we didn’t ditch school. Today all the teachers in Bern meet, chat, have coffee, and gossip about us. I wish they did that more often.
DSC05540bDSC05716bWhat connects Pascal and me is that we both did an exchange year. He went to England, though, so we always have that “Brit-versus-Murica”-thing going on. But we both love speaking English. We love it. We are those weirdos who talk English with each other and then switch to Bernese German in an instant to talk with the man in the bus. Today we admired the sunrise, consumed too many calories at Starbucks, took a random train to a random place, ate Chinese food in a cellar restaurant, hiked through a forest, and then unexpectedly turned up at our friend’s house to bake cookies and cupcakes with her.

It was a pretty awesome day.
DSC05623bDSC05734bI am — of couse — still super busy. I got a job yesterday at an old people’s home which makes my trip to Namibia in spring a lot more affordable. I am starting on Saturday. I am also going to a concert tomorrow, and this weekend I am going to film a very embarassing video with my best friend.

It feels surreal that I baked Christmas cookies today for the first time this year. December 1st is a bit more than a week away, and I am not ready for it to be here. Can’t it just be October again?! On the other hand I am soooo looking forward to the camp I am going to over New Year’s, a concert I am going to attend, and the end of this horribly stressful semester. (Yay for no exams. #thankyoujesus)


Thanks for reading.

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4 Replies to “Here Comes The Sun”

  1. Nice scenery, although I don’t understand why you used digital zoom(judging from the the exif), which amplifies noise, when Pascal had his 70-300mm which you could have used instead.
    Beside that, are the images of the sun so greenish on purpose? For example if you compare the second image to the first one, the difference is striking.

    1. Maybe it’s because in the image the sun had not risen yet. I did not change any colors. And I did use digital zoom because I felt like it, and I don’t have a camera which can be attached to a lense as big as Pascal’s.

      Thanks for your comment, though.

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