Hello Canada

Hello world,

Yesterday I met a girl who said, she’s been here for three months and still cannot grasp the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. I’ve been here for two days and all I can do is drool. And maybe take a few pictures.
DSC08787DSC08696My current location is Canada, eh. It’s hard to pinpoint where we are exactly since we drive back and forth between British Columbia and Alberta and Banff and Yoho National Park everyday. Everywhere we go to, however, I am just in awe.

I am here as part of an international volunteer team. So far we haven’t really done any work. We’ve taken the gondola up a mountain, seen the two most photographed lakes in the whole world, and had several presentations given to us. Everyone’s favorite hobby right now is writing our Canada Bucket List of all the things we must do until September 12.
DSC08769 DSC08746Canadians are definitely different than US-Americans (they’ll be glad to read that). They are way more laid back, more cosmopolitan, and for sure cooler. Yesterday evening — on my first day here! — I took a small road trip to a remote lake with four girls, who are working her for the summer. We took a swim, improvised some food, and drank some Canadian beer. That’s summer.
Today I took a hike (520m altitude difference!) with some German guys. Tonight I am going to the sauna with the girls.

DSC08802This is the most photographed lake in the whole wide world, if you care to know. It was pretty crowded and I really hope to discover other awesome places with perhaps a bit less Asian and German tourists. I have 4 weeks to do that — four actual weeks.

Canada feels like the grown-up version of the U.S. (US-Americans won’t be glad to read that), but maybe it’s also just me, who grew up, and now can enjoy beautiful places more knowing it’ll be over too fast.


Thanks for reading.

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