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Hello world,

today I have another travel/fashion/photography post. I promise as soon as life is back to normal, I will distinguish more between the topics and the posts. I might start some series – how does that sound? :)


Just some more beautiful Ireland. Picture taken by my father – my camera is still struggling with charging issues.


Today I have an OOTD with my brother – yay! :) My look is very 90s inspired. I thrifted both the flannel and the shorts from Ragstock, a store in Duluth which I am deeply in love with. Joni is being a model – as usual. Just ignore my weird face. I thought he was very amusing.

My Outfit:
Flannel from Ragstock
Tank top from Forever 21
High waisted shorts from Ragstock
Oxford flats from Journeys
Bowler from H&M
Cross necklace from my parents

Jonathan’s Outfit:
Shirt from JD
Jeans from Clockhouse
Backpack from Vans
Shoes from Vans


I stood, swam, and went underwater in the Atlantic Ocean. I love the sea, especially the “Hipster” ones aka the ones that not everybody is obsessed with. Well, I guess, everybody is obsessed with the Atlantic Ocean in Florida. But that’s the Gulf of Mexico so whatevaa (Joni’s new favourite – with u, we’re in Ireland – word).


In this post I want to touch on a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately especially while spending so much time with my family.
I am seventeen now. In a year from now I’ll be off age. I am back in Switzerland; I have all my freedoms again, and life as I knew it before my time abroad, will soon begin again. I can do stuff now. I can plan stuff. I can make decisions. I will have to.

It’s time to finally grow up from being a child, although I don’t want to be an adult just yet. I believe there’s a stage between being a child and being an adult (no, we’re not talking about being a teenager – that stage just sucks). Because my definition of adulthood is a certain level of maturity which you can only achieve by going through a stage of adventures, self discovery, and independence – there you go, teenagers.

If you ask Peter Pan, growing up is a terrible, terrible thing to do. I think it’s mainly a difficult thing to do. It’s uncomfortable because you have to think for yourself, decide for yourself, and yes – let’s be unsentimental for a second – pay for yourself. You have to make space for the person you want to be, and by doing that you will have to push people away although you love and respect them. You have to have opinions, and try to find a spot in society. You will have to find out that there’s no right and wrong (yes, some stuff is wrong, but you get it, right), and that maybe the way you were brought up, isn’t the only one.

Growing up is difficult and it’s only after this difficult year abroad that I feel I am ready. I want to be the person I want to be.


And to make this whole even more complexe I am going to quote Albus Dumbledore because if growing up means to stop loving Harry Potter, well, then you can just forget that whole paragraph – then I don’t want to grow up.

It’s our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities.

Let’s make cool choices. Today and the day after today.


Thank you for reading.

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