Goodbye Minnesota

Hello world,

Time does not equal time. One week may feel long cleaning the church or doing a crappy exchange to Châtel-Saint-Denis, but one week is over in the glimpse of a second spent with my second family in Minnesota.
DSC08610My main activities this week consisted of watching the Olympics, telling people what I’ve been doing and am planning to do with my life, and swimming in the lake. It may not sound like much, but it was one of the best weeks so far this year. I left today after six short days sadder than I’ve ever felt leaving this place. I wouldn’t have wanted to stay another year (ahem Minnesota winters), but perhaps a month? Another week? Just another sun-filled day with my sisters?
DSC08641‘How lucky am I,’ Winnie Pooh once said, ‘to have something thatmakes saying goodbye so hard?’ That’s right, I guess. However, as a former exchange student I feel like I’ve already had enough goodbyes for a lifetime. They’re tough.

Just saying goodbye to the lake and such beautiful sunrises (got up at 5.30am to watch it, which says a lot) was hard.

Nevertheless, here is the first part of my trip to North America this summer captured on video, because it captures the atmosphere much better than any photography could. It’s been pretty great so far.

Now I am just trying to be where my feet are (credits to this cool couple): another beautiful place I am ready to fall in love with.


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