First Heidelberg Post

Hello world,

It’s official: I am a university student.
dsc09768dsc09734For about a week now, I’ve been living in Heidelberg, Germany. Most of it I spent trying to reduce my to-do list, which includes a ton of annoying appointments and expensive but depressingly necessary purchases. I am almost done, though, so I can slowly start to call this new place my new place.

It’s weird moving back to Germany after having lived in Switzerland for 10.5 years (with a gap year in Duluth). My mom predicted I would have some sort of culture shock, because I am not used to German grumpiness and directness anymore. She also said I would probably feel more Swiss in Germany, similar to how I feel very German in Switzerland.

Well, I haven’t really had a culture shock so far. On the contrary, I feel so comfortable being surrounded by people who speak the exact same language. It’s so great. It’s the reason I love English so much, too. And I don’t feel very Swiss. When asked about it, I enjoy talking about Switzerland, but I’ve tried to always point out that I am only a ‘paper-Swiss.’ (And even that isn’t official yet.)
dsc09788dsc09731The beauty of Heidelberg certainly helps with my adjustment. My dorm is perfectly located on the less touristy side of the Alte Brücke, the bridge pictured. Most of my fellow students have to commute or — when going out — take the last streetcar to another (uglier) district. Me, I can just ride my bike for five minutes. The upper photo is legitimately the view out of my dorm window. Whaaaat.

I love this town and my dorm. (I can’t really say if I love my major, yet, but it’s looking pretty good.) Everyone at uni and at my dorm is super nice. The atmosphere of a uni city is great. There’s so much going on and I want to do everything. Maybe this is just my honeymoon stage, but I am loving it.


Thanks for reading.

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