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DSC03683bI bought these jeans on Wednesday and I am absolutely in love with them. At H&M they were labelled “Mom Jeans” from which I assume that I am weird. Once again my “indivual fashion sense” has come through.

It’s funny how much not only my style but also my level of caring what other people think, have changed this last year. A year ago I mostly wore tanks and the same pair of shorts. I was insecure about how I looked, and what people at my school thought about me.

Now, well… ‘frankly, my dear, I don’t care’ what people think. I was gone for a year; I saw different clothes, fashion, and a different average style. I realized that it’s stupid to wear what everybody’s wearing or to care about what anybody thinks about one’s clothes – this is only one ideal in one little town on this big world.

So now I enjoy buying mom jeans, suspenders, bowler hats, oversized flanel shirts, and checkered cardigans. I enjoy even more wearing the clothes I like, and being proud of them and my own individual style.
DSC03712bMy mom asked me this morning whether my expectations for my exchange year had been met. And whether it was worth.

Let me get this straight: It was worth it. It will always be worth it. Even if I have to repeat a year, perhaps lose some friends, and now work my butt off in Italian and French. I wouldn’t say, though, that it met my expectations. I didn’t expect many bumps I had to encounter. But instead I learned to be myself, and to be proud of who I am. And that’s just an example.

Although that alone would’ve made it worth it. Being brave enough now to buy mom jeans made it worth it.
DSC03747bNow that’s school started again I’ve been thinking a lot about my exchange year again. My last posts were all about my time abroad. But I want to now officially start into this new era: my Junior year back in Switzerland. No more Minnesota. No more melancholy. No more philosophizing about seizing the day, but doing it.

I want to get over the fact that I have to repeat a year. I want to make new friends. I want to have fun at school. I want to enjoy my life. Just as I did during my exchange year.

Life’s always extraordinary.
DSC03693bSo… I am now a Junior in Switzerland. I enjoy fashion, photography, movies, and travelling. I am excited for fall because it’s my favorite season. I’m excited for all the memories I am going to make this year. Although I’m not an exchange student anymore.

It’s the attitude that matters.

Mom jeans by H&M
Tank top by Brandy Melville
Espadrilles by Vögele
Cardigan by Charlotte Russe
Hat by H&M


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