Do You Wanna Build a Snow Man?

Hello world,

today I am writing from the Winter Wonderland: Schwarzwald.
DSC07788 DSC07666It’s my mom’s birthday – Happy Birthday – so we just took a time-out this weekend and drove to South Western Germany where Frozen was shot. Jk. But seriously, there is so much snow here, plus dirndls, plus braids, plus snow men. Oh, and there’s mountains, but I am pretty sure it is not the North Mountain.

But the food is gooood; I love spare ribs. I could have them every day. And no, that’s neither Frozen nor German style. But Minnesota style. Sort of. Murica style. This whole weekend reminds a lot of Minnesota. This whole snow beauty thing which is pretty for two days but really annoying the three months following.
DSC07747 DSC07652The first semester of the worst school year ever is officially over. And I officially passed. Phew. This semester was so intense; not only because I had a ton of school and all my worst classes count for my graduation grade, but also because I put a lot pressure on myself after the exchange year. I feared to fail, buuuut I did not. So yay. Now I only have five months left until all those classes I’ve hated for years (cough Chemistry cough Biology cough Physics cough Geography) are finally over, I will have more time, and a life again.

But this following semester holds some pretty cool things, too. The peak of awesomeness is, of course, Namibia in spring. Though, this past week, I also found out that I will be able to see my host family in June in Berlin. DSC07727DSC07798So, here is the first half of pictures from snowy Schwarzwald. Beware of roof avalanches and icicles. Yikes.


Thanks for reading.

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