Dark Brownish Winter Screaming Violet

Hello world,

I felt like taking some more narcistic pictures today. This time a very wintery edition.
DSC05385bDSC05387bOh, and because these last two weeks I haven’t taken any pictures with my camera, I now present you my multi-colored weird hair. I went to the hairdressers two weeks ago with the intention of going ginger; like actual ginger. But the hairdressers didn’t take me seriously at all, and talked me into not dyeing but tinting my hair a copper shade. It was pretty vibrant for about a day but now it’s more of a soft shimmer in the sun. And only at my roots. So I now have four different colors in my hair: a copper tint, sombre highlights, dark brown dye, and my natural light brown hair color. It’s okay for now but once before I graduate I’ll have to change my hair color drastically; it’s on my “What-To-Do-Before-I-Graduate”-list.
DSC05390b DSC05374bI bought this lipstick in Hamburg. I thought it would be more of a dark red color but instead it’s a violet brownish color and very strong. It also isn’t very fall-y — it basically screams winter. So today is probably one of the very few occasions that I am going to wear it.

I had the most stressful week these last couple of days. In 11th grade in Switzerland all the science classes count for the graduation GPA. I dramatically failed my first Chemistry test a month ago which is the reason why the Physics test last week scared the heck out of me. Plus, I had a presentation on my exchange year in French class. I haven’t had the opportunity to tell and show my classmates how awesome my year was, so the presentation was really important to me. I also had several other tests, homework, appointments…

The stress will stay the same until Advent. But then the most stressful part of the most stressful school year in my life will be over.
DSC05408b DSC05394bI also had my hair trimmed at the hairdressers. It looks so much healthier now. Oh, and guess what: remember the test I took two months ago for the Cambridge Certificate course? Um, I got in. I did it! Yay. I also did kickboxing last week, and I carved a pumpkin today — you’ll see the results on Wednesday!

I love this time of the year although it’s that stressful. I love how everything’s getting colder because everything’s also getting comfier.


Thanks for reading.

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2 Replies to “Dark Brownish Winter Screaming Violet”

  1. I can assure you that you’re not the only person who’s absolutely obsessed with autumn and the cold weather in general :)
    sorry for cluttering your blog with comments, I just can’t get over the fact that I’ve only just discovered your new blog! (and the awesomeness of its name has to be stated as well)

    1. Hahaha well you should make up a new name for your blog. Something like “British Trenchcoat” or… um, we’ll find one!

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