Christmas Spirit Is Here, Eh?

Hello world,

are you ready for my first Christmas-ey post on this December 14th?
DSC05939 DSC05936One of my father’s friends celebrated his 50th birthday this weekend and we combined the party with a trip to an all German Christmas market in Ludwigsburg. I had been begging my parents to go to one for months beforehand. It was awesome. It was cheesy. It was Christmas-ey.
DSC05944 DSC05935What I really dislike about Christmas is that I don’t get to experience it most of Advent. I love Christmas so much; the fairy lights, the ornaments, the candy, the music, the mood… But I don’t get to enjoy all of that. On the contrary: I don’t realize Christmas is almost here until school is over and that is usually around half a week before the big event. I wish school stopped earlier. I wish school was not even harder than usually all December long. I wish I did not have an English test tomorrow, an Italian test on Tuesday, a physics test on Thursday, and a history test and French presentation on Friday.

I wish I had time to feel Christmas-ey.
DSC05981 DSC05969I am trying my best: I went to the Christmas market, I have a Christmas music playlist on my cell, and I decorated my room with fairy lights, candles (Christmas cookie scent – ugh) and my own Christmas tree.

I am trying! But still it does not feel like Christmas.
DSC05963 DSC05932On that note I should probably ask myself what Christmas should feel like. What is Christmas about. It probably is not about Gluhwein, Michael Bublé, and cupcake ornaments.

But to experience what Christmas is really about, stuff like love, community, Jesus’ birth, reflectiveness, those things are even harder to achieve in the short four weeks we get to prepare ourselves for the big day where all the presents have to be ready.

Somehow Christmas is something incredibly beautiful which modern society turned into something  awfully commercial and economic.

But why do I enjoy the commercial and economic side so much?
DSC06020I tried to do a long exposure shot at the Christmas market. I did not have a tripod, so it’s not perfect. But I’ll just Keep trying and one day I’ll get a nice long exposure shot. I went to a graduational presentation on that topic a week ago. I feel so inspired!


Thanks for reading.

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