Chillin’ like a Villain in Spain

Hello world,

I am in Spain. Woohoo! It’s pretty epic.

I left for Spain on Friday night with my church group. We drove all night long in a big bus with occasional stops in France and in Spain. I actually got some sleep! When we arrived here it was really warm and everybody was still wearing sweatpants. But soon we got our bungalows, changed into our swimsuits, and ran to the beach. I am sharing a bungalow with two of my close friends and another nice girl. We are having an awesome time with tanning at the beach, swimming in the turquoise water, playing games, making pancakes, reading, and wearing summer clothes. It’s beautiful.
DSC04276DSC04361I decided to go to Namibia in spring. I got “The Namibia Book” from the library which is full of gorgeous pictures of wild animals, lonely landscapes, and over all a country I am really excited to visit. My best friend is going to Israel in April, too, and we are making everybody jealous. But first I will have to make enough money. Next week I am meeting my boss, and we will figure out what days I want to work. After fall break I can start.

Explanation for the picture: we had the job to do some land art with our bungalow group, so we transformed Jasmin into a mermaid. She didn’t enjoy it that much because she had to lie in the sun for two hours but everybody else loved decorating her sandy fishtail.
DSC03299DSC04284I now have fall break for three weeks. The Swiss break system is simply perfect: five weeks in summer; just enough to have something planned for every week and still get rest, three weeks in the fall; perfect time for trips to usually crowded places, two weeks in December, a week in February; a little break before 2nd Se mester starts, and two weeks in the spring; perfect for city trips. I will need break this year: 11th grade is the hardest grade there is. But I will get through.
DSC04295Spain is beautiful. Right now it’s raining; I will have to postpone my tanning plans to tomorrow. I will try to take more pictures. On Wednesday we are going to a market, and on Thursday we are going to Barcelona.


Thanks for reading.


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